Parties Galore!

March has been a crazy month for Parties and we are delighted that so many of you have booked your children's entertainment with Hidden Gems!

I finally got to let out my inner child and indulge my obsession with Frozen as I got my turn to 'play' Elsa for a delightful girls special birthday party. I've never felt more like a Queen and it was so touching when singing a rendition of 'Let it Go!' that every single child joined in and sang along. Disney really has nailed it with this latest offering and I think and hope I will be doing Frozen themed Parties for years to come.

We also got to perform a bespoke Superhero party and our popular Glee Party. Glee hit our TV screens in 2009 and is now on it's 6th season. It gets better and better and is as popular as ever. So it seems are our parties and long may they continue to be so. Our Superhero party was so fun and a new on for us at Hidden Gems, but we made sure we were up for the challenge. It was such fun introducing the children to our made up superheroes and create some interesting super powers. We hope the children had as much fun as we did! We loved coming up with the new games to play with our superhero twist and I can't wait for our next bespoke party to get my creative, imaginative juices flowing again.

Take a look at our parties page and send me any ideas for new party themes, i'd love to hear from you.

Until next time, Stay Super, Gleeful and as spring is on it's way the cold won't bother us for much longer!!!

Gems xx