Happy World Theatre Day! 

World Theatre Day, 27th March 2015

I think as a nation we learn so much from theatre.  I know I have learnt life lessons as a person from my experiences with theatre, whether it be from watching, performing, learning or teaching. There is nothing I delight more in than seeing a Play or Musical on stage and the faces of the audiences lighting up at the spectacle or being moved to tears at the action displayed before them.

There is something truly magical about all aspects of theatre and I feel this education of theatre & the Arts is so important to share with our little ones. In our classes we really try to encourage a fun environment where the children can learn through play to act, share, communicate and gain confidence in their singing and dancing skills. We really want to encourage the Love of theatre and hopefully learn from it too!

I grew up with 'Oliver', 'Annie', " Sound of Music' & 'Mary Poppins' The incredible music and thought provoking themes, the magic on screen and stage and wanted to immerse myself in this world. I learnt so much from these shows and music and theatre, and other than just performing because I LOVED IT, I also felt like everything made sense, and who doesn't love a world where people can spontaneously burst into song! (I do that everyday)

I really feel this made me who I am today! So because of World Theatre Day, I thought I'd share with you on the blog some of my favourite quotes from shows and plays. Most of them I think are lessons we learn for life. Send me your favourite Theatre Quotes on Twitter using the Hashtag #LOVETHEATRE Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Here's mine!

Gems x

Because I knew you, I have been changed for good.
— Wicked
There’s no place like home
— Wizard of Oz
It is not in the stars to hold our destiny, but in ourselves
— William Shakespeare