Skills Term

For the New Year since we've been back in the swing of things we've dedicated this term into really developing our skills. 

 Working on our Drama, Dance and Singing Skills

Working on our Drama, Dance and Singing Skills

With our Mini Gems (3-6), we are using games and play to encourage imagination and expression through our faces and bodies and trying to build the confidence of the very little ones to be able to use their voice and start to think about projection.

For the Little Gems (7-9), as well as combining song and dance together, we are building in more technique through different styles of dance, working on corner work and some ballet techniques and starting to explore improvisation in drama.

For the Just Gems (10-13) We are looking at adding other dimensions to performance looking at improvising and writing scripts, and looking at movement and dance to enable us to tell a story by looking at ways we can incorporate things like hobbies into our dance routines, we're establishing routine and regular warm ups to enhance fitness and strength.

We Still have some space in our classes so it's not too late to join in, in fact it's perfect timing as we are starting to think about our summer show and will start work towards that after half term.

Please spread the word to anyone you think will enjoy hidden gems and wants to perform for the LOVE of it!